Outstanding Client Support Integrity & Trust Management & Support Application & Workflow Remote-Services Team Member Single-Point Contact Trusted Vendor Liaison TS4MO™ is the help you need!

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Do what you do best

Let TS4MO do the rest


We know you're busy running a business and caring for your patients, let TS4MO help with administration of your software, vendor liaison, and single-point contact for support.


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Client Support
Application & Workflow
Management & Support
Trusted Vendor Liaison
Single-point Contact
Remote Team Member
We provide results!

TS4MO is the help you need transforming vision to action!

As a
single-point contact, TS4MO collaborates with your team and vendors to facilitate successful operations of your practice in management of applications and workflow.

We provide a
cost effective and efficient way to balance technology and patient care.  We provide those extra resources needed to define, implement, and maintain your applications.

Our experience covers well
over two decades of consulting with healthcare providers and their staff supporting them in their daily workflow processes. Over the past decade TS4MO has specialized in ophthalmology providing direct support to billing staff in overcoming unique and challenging circumstances within their specialty.

As your
remote-services team member, we specializing in practice management support for your practice. We are a unique all-in-one resource with a combination of technical and clinical experience providing proven solutions to improve and streamline your workflow processes: we listen, we understand, we solve!








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