vision to action

TS4MO™ has been serving the medical community since 2006:

Outstanding client support
3rd party vendor liaison services
Application management
Workflow management

We are the help you need transforming your vision to action!
Team Member
We work as part of your team.

We provide single-point contact for staff and vendors.

We maintain and support applications and workflow issues.

We act as your trusted vendor liaison.

We provide support and service to get you results!

Outstanding Support
Above all else, TS4MO™ provides outstanding support to you and your staff. Our experience in both technical and clinical provides us insights into your entire vision.:

We represent your practice with honor and respect when working with 3rd party vendors: ie. payers, vendors, financial institutions, etc.

TS4MO™ uses a support ticket system allowing staff to log support tickets for support so we can track issues to completion.
Valuable Asset
Happy employees treat your patients better, they are more efficient in daily tasks and it is more cost effective to maintain a happy, trained employee.

We protect your asset and provide outstanding client support relieving your staff of the burdens of everyday application maintenance and issues.

Improve Efficiency
Efficiency problems interrupt workflow and your bottom line. Reviewing, addressing, and refining efficiency contributes to the success of your practice.

Refining & defining procedures
Integrate technology
Review and improve workflow

Optimize Revenue
Revenue cycle management begins with first patient contact. Reviewing and improving performance in each step of your revenue to improve maximum outcomes.

Collecting necessary data for billing
Verify eligibility
Charge scrubbing
Reduce rejections & denials
Streamline collections process
Application & Workflow Management
Practice Management Software
Appointment Scheduling
Electronic Medical Records
Claim Submission
Remittance Processing
Payer Setup
ACH an Lockbox
Retail/POS applications
Project Management

Problem Resolution & Support
Vendor Liaison
Practice Management Application
Medical Record Application
Third Party Products
Claim scrub/rejection/denial
Missing claims/remittances
Application formatting issues
5010 837/835 support



As part of your team, TS4MO provides continuous support and service to your practice.  Long-term agreement guarantees your service hours with TS4MO, offers a reduced service rate, and qualifies you for additional long-term discounts.






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