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Steve Colbeth, Owner
About TS4MO

"In 2006 I founded TS4MO™ (Technology Solutions 4 the Medical Office) with several years of experience in practice management software, clinical operations, information technology, and medical billing support.  My greatest reward is in successfully working with our clients to provide solutions that perform, improve their workflow for better production, and become a respected part of their team.

Let's work together to find solutions for your practice today!"  - Steve Colbeth, Owner
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Why we do it

Having worked for decades in the every-changing healthcare industry we understand the terrible burden that day-to-day application, workflow. maintenance and support issues place on your practice. 

We recognize that your practice does change and so should your applications and workflow.  Disaster occurs when each department decides and attempts to maintain their own application settings and workflow changes.  Integral workflow is essential and optimal.

That's why TS4MO has been so successful; providing a single-point contact with experience in both technical and clinical for day-to-day operations and doing so as part of your own team.  We love what we do!

We act as a single point of reference for you and your staff and your 3rd party vendors, providing support of applications, workflow, problem resolution, and daily support.
TS4MO | Excellent Customer Service

We are an all-in-one resource combining both technical and clinical experience in overcoming unique and challenging circumstances within your practice.


With an effective combination of excellent customer service and knowledge that comes from years of experience, TS4MO can deliver a differentiated client experience.







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