Working Together, Finding Solutions - Total Vision

We Listen

We listen to the challenges, problems, and issues you experience in your daily routines.  Even if you've been told, "That can't be done.", we want to hear about it.  Sometimes just reviewing routine tasks creates discussion about innovative solutions available to you.

We Understand
We understand what you do! Experience is often the best teacher and we have years of experience working with healthcare providers.  We understand because we've been there with many of our wonderul clients working together, finding solutions.

We Solve
We listen, we understand, and then we solve!  Drawing on our extensive experience and knowledge we come up with workable solutions to your issue-points and begin planning for implementation of agreed changes.

That's Total Vision
Practice Management System
-Appointment Scheduling
-Retail/POS applications
*Vendor Liaison
*Application Administrator
*Setup and Maintain
Issue Resolution and Support
*Billing Department
-Claim rejection/denial
-Missing claims/remittances
-Application formatting issues
-5010 837/835 support
-Application settings and changes
Areas of Revenue Cycle Management
Practice Management Application
Appointment Scheduling
Charge Capture
Claim Submission
Remittance Processing
Payer Setup
Reporting*Project management
Vendor Liaison
Third -Party Product /Service
Third-party Products
*Billing Department
-ACH payments
-Claims clearinghouse
-EOB to electronic file services
-Commercial and Contracted Payers
*Appointment reminder systems
*Patient recall systems
Administrative Services
Daily operational tasks
Policies Review
Implementing procedure
Customer service retention
HIPAA compliance
  +Problem solving

- Identifying a Segmented Encounter
- Creating An Encounter With A Common Goal
- Components Of The Patient Encounter
- Creating The Difference

In order to successfully obtain our objectives, all departments throughout the patient encounter must operate and have vision of the common goal.

Excellent patient care and increased revenue generation must be a well choreographed effort throughout the patient’s encounter.

Your greatest accomplishment will be in creating a successful patient encounter with a measurable favorable outcome.


Many of our clients take advantage discounts for long-term partnerships. A long-term agreement guarantees your service hours with TS4MO, offers a reduced service rate, and qualifies you for additional long-term discounts.

Ask how TS4MO can work with you!

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- Steve Colbeth, President/Owner

"In 2006 I founded TS4MO™ with several years of experience in practice management software, clinical operations, information technology, and medical billing support.  My greatest reward is in successfully working with our clients to provide solutions that perform, improve their workflow for better production, and become a respected part of their team. 

Let's work together to find solutions for your practice today!"
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