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In our ever-changing healthcare industry the benefits of utilizing TS4MO as your Solutions Consultant are many, including:

- Application management
- Trusted liaison for vendor services and support
- Maximize workflow
- Increase in production and revenues
- Patient satisfaction and retention
Director Revenue Cycle Management - Marsha L.
"Even with all the constant changes, our billing department has never skipped a beat and we owe that success to you."
Billing Dept Staff - Linda B.
"I've never thought of you as anything but part of our own team!"
Application Analyst II - Hollie P.
"You always take the time to explain 'why' and once I know why, 'how' makes more sense."
Coding Specialist Billing Dept - Brenda P.
"You have really given me great advice over the years and it has allowed me to do my job to my maximum potential."
Chief Executive Officer - Jay H.
"In our 10 plus years of working together  you've always come through for me  when I needed you!  Thanks for the great job.
Many of our clients take advantage discounts for long-term partnerships. A long-term agreement guarantees your service hours with TS4MO, offers a reduced service rate, and qualifies you for additional long-term discounts.

Ask how TS4MO can work with you!
"In 2006 I founded TS4MO with several years of experience in practice management software, clinical operations, information technology, and medical billing support.  My greatest reward is in successfully working with our clients to provide solutions that perform, improve their workflow for better production, and become a respected part of their team. 

Let's work together to find solutions for your
practice today!"
                                     - Steve Colbeth, President/Owner
Foremost we want you to consider TS4MO a part of your team - better, together
- We listen to the problems and issues your are experiencing in the daily operations of your practice.
We understand your struggle because we've been there too and we'll work with you to create a list
  of issue points requiring resolution.
We solve by offering solutions to your issue points, then work with you to implement changes into
  your systems and workflow.

Our experience covers well over two decades of consulting with healthcare providers and their staff supporting them in their daily workflow processes.  Over the past decade TS4MO has specialized in ophthalmology providing direct support to billing staff in overcoming unique and challenging circumstances within their specialty.

As your remote-services team member, we specializing in practice management support for your practice. We are a unique all-in-one resource with a combination of technical and clinical experience providing proven solutions to improve and streamline your workflow processes:
we listen, we understand, we solve!

                We look forward to becoming a part of your team! 
Manager Business Intelligence Data - Lora B.
"Thank you, Steve, for the incredible customer support you've given us. Your support is unparalleled in my experience."