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Billing Manager - Marsha L.
"With all the change in billing and healthcare, our billing department has never skipped a beat and we owe that success to you... Thank you TS4MO!"
Coding Specialist Billing Dept - Brenda P
"You have really given me great advice over the years and it has allowed me to do my job to my maximum potential."
Billing Dept Staff Mbr - Linda B.
"I've never thought of you as anything but part of our own team!"
CEO - Jay H.
"In our 10 plus years of working together  you've always come through for me  when I needed you!  Thanks for the great job.
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You will find that our family of services, combined with our caring and knowledgeable staff, is your best choice in offering efficient and cost-effective solutions to your daily demands.
Many of our clients take advantage discounts for long-term partnerships.  A long-term agreement guarantees your service hours with TS4MO, offers a reduced service rate, and qualifies you for additional long-term discounts.

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"I formed TS4MO in 2006 with several years of experience in practice management software, clinical operations, information technology, and medical billing support and my greatest reward is in successfully working with our clients to provide effective efficient solutions, improve their workflow processes, and become a respected part of their team. 

Let's work together to find solutions for your Practice today!" 

- Steve Colbeth, Owner
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TS4MO | Technology Solutions 4 the Medical Office is an internet-based, remote-services, Solutions Consultant service that specializes in Practice Management System support for your billing department and clinical staff.  We are a unique "all-in-one" resource with a combination of technical and clinical experience providing proven solutions to improve and streamline your workflow processes.

Since 2006,
TS4MO has been working with Providers and their staff in an ever-changing healthcare industry.  This demands continuous observation of your Practice Management tools to ensure they are compliant, serving you effectively and efficiently, and maximizing your workflow.

The benefits of utilizing
TS4MO as your Solutions Consultant are  best realized in an accumulative total of several factors including; an increase in production and revenues, patient satisfaction and retention, and services that work for your practice.

We look forward to being a part of your team!